At Macbook Medic we charge a flat rate for both repairs and upgrades.

Flat rate repair:

Logic board repair: $330

This includes any minor electronic components replaced during repair.

Flat rate upgrades:

All SSD upgrades include data migration if desired and possible

  • 240GB SSD Upgrade: $220
  • 480GB SSD Upgrade: $270
  • 1TB SSD Upgrade: $370

Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Retina Batteries

We do replace any faulty battery on all Apple Macbook laptops and we also keep stock for super fast turn around times on this repair.

  • a1278 macbook pro (13″ 2009-2012): $200
  • a1286 Macbook pro (15″ 2009-2012): $220
  • a1465 and a1466 Macbook Air (11″ and 13″ 2012-2017): $220
  • Macbook air (2018-current): $220
  • Macbook pro (13″ and 15″ 2016-current): $280

Screen replacement

Screen replacement generally has a 10 day wait for screen delivery. There are too many screens and colours to keep all varieties in stock. Occasionally a used screen can be offered at a reduced rate if in stock and desired.

  • Macbook air (2013-2017): $380
  • Macbook air (2018-current): $530
  • Macbook pro (13″ 2016-current): $530
  • All 15″ retina screens are too expensive to be cost effective: $1000+
  • Earlier pre retina screens (2008-2012) and glass are available used, and priced on application: approx $150
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